itv contortion with a 12.1 TFT touch screen

what looks like itv but with a motorized 12.1 TFT touch screen, removable motherboard tray, support for ten hard drives, no visible screws on the outside of a 5mm thick one-piece aluminium chassis panel, hardware compatibility...


sony gets funky with this PC in white.

MyTelly Home Entertainment Server

wasn't surprise to see more of linux based home theatre PC, this one starts at around 600 that has storage capacity to save up to 32 DVD in the Video Library so you can watch them anytime, as many times as you want.

vidabox roomate

About the size of a small shoebox, RoomMate™ is the ideal media extender for dorm rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or any other location where space is limited.


more from manufacturer's link below

Okoro Home Theater PC

The OMS-GX300 is designed for extreme high end graphics and video. With 2 Gigabytes of high-speed Kingston HyperX RAM and the NVIDIA 8800GTX PCI-Express video card, you can push your system to the limit and enjoy a level of video...

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