S1Digital FX Media Center PC

S1Digital HTPC Case Pic

This HTPC by S1Digital will fit nicely with the other audio equipments you have at home, this is another heatsink case which dissipate heat into the computer chassis. S1digltal FX edition server comes equipped with Blu-ray or...

Foldable Computer Case

Foldable Computer case

Transform the flex 4.2 HTPC to suit your furnishing, this Pguerra built case may be folded and stackable into a cube without touching any cables and connectors. The Italian enclosure has computer components like the M/B, rams,...

HeatSync fanless silentPC HTPC Case

Entertainment PC enclosure with integrated HeatSync® cooling and completely fanless - the case act as a Heatsink which absorbs and disperses heat through Copper CPU heat pipe technology. Every panel is CNC machined from...

psile trendy silent PC computer case

very well constructed computer case built by Nexustek, clean and smooth aluminium edges with possible addon for "skins" to match your deco, the base is out of aluminum and acts as a heatsink for hard disk drive and other PC...

Moneual 902Euni

from the maker of the $1million PC comes this aluminum desktop style case with a built-in 7" LCD touch screen, so even though the computer comes with a wireless keyboard/trackball you can simply poke the screen to accomplish most...

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