Tuesday 30. of January 2007 beer cooler PC case

It's small and should have all the horsepower this system will need. I already have some DDR400 sitting around I would like to use so it will have to be a newer ITX to handle that memory. I also have a 60gig hard drive that I...

Tuesday 30. of January 2007 copper pipes computer case

For the case, I decided I wanted to have something that was original but still looked good, whether through modding or building from scratch. I originally thought of building the case out of PVC since it'd be very easy to work...

Tuesday 30. of January 2007 Cardbox PC case : Teh Box!!1

There is no hard-drive in Teh box!!1- it runs off of a Knoppix CD in the 52x CDROM. There is, however (as showcased in the pictures) an external power/IDE connector for a hard-drive, so I can plug in some MP3's or movies or...

Tuesday 30. of January 2007 case with 70 cooling fans

What you are looking at is a case made of case fans, Dexian (there's probably a trademark in there somewhere) shelving, nylon cable ties, terminal blocks, nylon motherboard mounts, backplane blanks, screws and wire. Oh, and PC...

Tuesday 30. of January 2007 Copper System: Longhorn

This system primary purpose was to provide up to 2.5 Terrabytes of network accessable storage, or 10-20 times the capacity of most home PCs. I have a very large audio, video and data collection that I needed to be accessable...

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