Thursday 01. of February 2007 Attache suitecase mini-itx mobo

yeah, stick everything into a suitcase, LAN party here i come.

Thursday 01. of February 2007 Toaster PC

Response from this mod was so great that the author created a website.

Thursday 01. of February 2007 PC in a PSU

yes, dude swap the internal of a PSU and put the mobo into a power supply.

Thursday 01. of February 2007 Million Dollar Watercooled PC

Designed by jewelry designer Lee Charles Buckingham, will become the first million dollar personal computer. The million dollar system will integrate real diamonds and other precious jewelry into the chassis of the system.

Tuesday 30. of January 2007 Beer Dispensing PC case

If a beer dispensing case mod is not the most incredible and delicious hack known to man, then I don’t know what is.


What hurts is that there precious little information on this. A picture, and a couple of links to an...

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