Tuesday 06. of February 2007 motorbike computer case

funny computer picture of a motobike computer

here's one for the chopper fans, computer parts mounted onto the frame of a motorbike, watercooled and a flame paint job, there's even a seat to ride on!!

Monday 05. of February 2007 engineering the ultimate water cooled computer case

home engineering at it's best, for the hardcore overclocking, water cooling mod fans, this one can't be beat and is a must see!! this machine is called BaAssII and i will have to agree.

Monday 05. of February 2007 foam PC external connector, reset button and the works !!

wonder if we should even call this a case, attention was given to the ventilation and exhaust, a carry handle, external hard drive and power connector, speaker, LED and lastly a reset button!!

Monday 05. of February 2007 Computer in a wisky bottle

ok we've all seen lamborghini and ferrari computers made by asustech and acer, wonder jack daniel will pick this idea up to promote brand consciousness.

Thursday 01. of February 2007 Toilet PC

Toilet PC!!! yeah its gross but gotta give this guy for his originality. check out the website.

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