Friday 21. of March 2008 motorize madness opening

[youtube ihtpv5RkQNk nolink]


motorize computer madness case, check vid.

Friday 21. of March 2008 Sculpture Computer case

now for artists that thinks computer case is boring has not looked at this one, gotta give points for creativity for this designer.

Friday 21. of March 2008 open ventilation computer case

computer cases like this one makes you wonder why border having a computer case at all. just make sure that there are no kids around and live somewhere where there it's not dusty.

Tuesday 02. of October 2007 kung fu computer case - Dark Blade

almost 3 years in the making and over 100 pages in the forum, this watercooling CNC rig finally got completed and what a response! Read on!

Tuesday 02. of October 2007 ultimate office

ever wonder how some people are online 24/7? this toilet even has a arm rest, too bad it doesn't recline!!

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