Tuesday 25. of September 2007 Grater computer case

don't see problem with cooling however this thing would probably double as a vacuum cleaner.

Wednesday 21. of March 2007 custom acrylic gaming computer

compucase zap mod

this must be wildest mod, flaming theme with OVER 150 resistors and LED used, sheet of lexan so you won't miss the internal components, UFO glow lights and lighted cooling fans, everything inside and outside is made to glow using...

Monday 26. of February 2007 BatMan !!

custom computer case - batman

another case done right with lots of attention to details and well thought of execution, this case is made mostly of black acrylic with badass written all over it.

Tuesday 06. of February 2007 Unidyne Mic Computer case

custom computer in a MIC!!

Unidyne microphone, AKA “The Elvis Mic.” - with the recent VOIP craze, this mod will be cool for people who uses the mic alot, save space on the desktop and put the whole PC into a mic.

Tuesday 06. of February 2007 lego computer case mod

custom computer case build with legos

alot of attention was given to the building of this case, holes was dremeled for the reset and power button, lego doors and windows to access USB ports and for ventilation purpose, very tricked.

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