Thursday 05. of June 2008 Perforated steel HTPC case

Here is a innovative case made with perforated steel looking much like the MAC G5. Smack together using plywood boards and screws, this home Theater system PC runs Freevo which can be used for playing SNES games, DVD's MP3's,...

Friday 11. of April 2008 Cereal Box Cheap PC

So Popular science decides to see how far $72 can go and built this PC for cheap!! here are the ingredients.


* Intel SU810 motherboard


* Two 64MB PC100 SDRAM modules

($4 each;...

Friday 21. of March 2008 old school guage

you can never have enough gauges especially round analog ones, now add a compass and clock to this rig and you will never get lost.

Friday 21. of March 2008 batmobile computer case

black and bad, we never get enough of ideas of computer case taken from movies, i wonder how many time you gotta repeat watching the show to come up with such a close match.

Friday 21. of March 2008 BreadBox Computer case

here is another reason for not spending big bucks on a Computer case, this computer case was built using the good old aluminum breadbox

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